Introducing the New Zeelander 8: Majestic Elegance and Performance

We are excited to share early renderings of our voluptuous new addition to the Zeelander yacht family. The brand new Zeelander 8, poised to become the flagship of our Dutch shipyard, represents an aesthetic evolution from our smaller, much-coveted models. It maintains the high speed, quietness, and immaculate finish that have placed us at the forefront of yachting.

Timeless Design: The Zeelander 8’s Aesthetic Appeal

The new Zeelander 8’s S-shaped sheerline, gracefully raked stern and wrap-around windscreen will seduce longstanding fans of the brand, as well as newcomers. Zeelander has imbued the yacht with the same effortless curves as the smaller models. This is a contemporary design with a quality of timelessness, which ensures the boat will look every bit as good in 20 years as it does now.

A Masterful Size: The Art of Zeelander Craftsmanship

With her impressive 23.9m length overall, she so closely resembles her smaller sisters that it is hard to discern her true scale from the renderings alone. Only when seen alongside a human figure does her true size become apparent.

Spacious Comfort: The Zeelander 8’s Refined Interior

Full details of how we made the most of the extra volume afforded by the long hull and its 6.4m beam have yet to be revealed, except to say that the yacht will offer three double cabins for guests and space for up to three crew. It is also clear that the yacht will feature an innovative drive-in tender garage which builds on the system developed for the Zeelander 6 and 7.

Pioneering Quietness: The Unrivaled Tranquility of the Zeelander 8

Once again, we have poured our industry-leading experience of noise and vibration attenuation into the new design. It enables the yacht to operate at full speed without noise levels on board ever breaking the 72dBa barrier. In other words, the Zeelander 8 will always be an oasis of comfortable calm – even at 38-40 knots.

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