The founder

“It started with the desire to create something extraordinary

Driven by

Zeelander is a high-end boutique yacht brand specializing in sports cruisers up to 79 feet. Every Zeelander is made to order at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in the Netherlands. Limited yearly production ensures each vessel is crafted with exclusive care and attention, delivering a timeless work of art that embodies Zeelander’s rich heritage and contemporary style.

Zeelander’s journey started in 2002 when founder Sietse Koopmans set out on a mission to find the perfect day boat. One that represented the most refined form of taste and the art of living - but was also free of any noise and vibration.

Disappointed with the imagination of the market, Sietse poured his energy into making his vision a reality. Five years were invested in his relentless pursuit of perfection. Everything had to be curved, silent and with an exceptionally comfortable ride. In 2008, the Zeelander Z44 was born. And so a legacy of excellence began.

From the beginning

Zeelander was born from a desire for serenity, sophistication and freedom - a sentiment that has resonated with owners across the globe. Since the launch of its first model, the Zeelander fleet has expanded to well over 50 yachts.
2002 - Zeelander opens its doors in Zeeland, The Netherlands
2008 - Launch of the Z44 at the Monaco Yacht Show
2014 - Launch of the Z68
2015 - Launch of the Z55
2019 - Zeelander launches the Zeelander 7
Inside of the dock
2022 - Expansion of facilities
2023 - The Zeelander 5 was launched
2024 - The Zeelander 8 was launched

Dutch heritage and

Zeelanders coveted curved surfaces are arduous and complex to create, and can only be fashioned by the most skilled Dutch craftsman. Each vessel is like a piece of art, requiring between 16.000 - 25.000 hours to build and involving over 250 people, spanning 28 disciplines - figures that exceed any other in its class.

Passion for excellence
Runs in
the family

Creating a legacy of excellence is central to the Zeelander ethos. With a family driven by the same passion for adventure and dedication to innovation, Sietse Koopmans brings the best of each generation to every element of the Zeelander experience.

Meet us at
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Zeelander will be exhibiting at boat shows and other events. Please contact us to arrange a meeting with a Zeelander representative or to plan a private yacht viewing on board any of our current Zeelander models.‍

Zeelander shipyard

Zeelander Yachts
Gelkenes 44B 2964
AC Groot-Ammers
The Netherlands

T: +31 184 785 047

Join us at the Newport Boat Show from September 12-15, 2024, and witness the Zeelander 5 and Zeelander 7 up close.