The Zeelander 5: A Masterpiece in the Making

We will be featuring the newly launched and long-awaited Zeelander 5. We urge everyone to make an appointment to visit her in order to have ample time with our associates to answer questions and to appreciate all her features. The Zeelander 5 is not just a yacht; it's an experience that embodies the brand's meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional design.

Beyond the Show: A Private Estate for Zeelander Guests

Given the magnitude of this particular show, our customers have reported difficulty in the past with parking, finding our display, and navigating the overall crowds. This year, Zeelander has gone above and beyond to secure an estate just a few blocks away from the show itself. Guests can visit the property and the yachts on display in a comfortable, quiet, and private setting.

Seamless Transportation: Making Your Experience Effortless

If you are already at the show, transportation to and from the estate can be arranged in advance to further ease your experience. Zeelander takes care of every detail, ensuring that your visit is as smooth as sailing on one of our yachts.

We are so very excited to welcome you to this year’s event and look forward to seeing you aboard. Your journey into the extraordinary world of Zeelander begins here.

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Zeelander unveils the first images of the sophisticated new flagship: the Zeelander 8.

We are excited to share early renderings of our voluptuous new addition to the Zeelander yacht family. The brand new Zeelander 8, poised to become the flagship of our Dutch shipyard, represents an aesthetic evolution from our smaller, much-coveted models. It maintains the high speed, quietness, and immaculate finish that have placed us at the forefront of yachting.

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