About Zeelander

In 2002, Zeelander Yachts, one of the prominent yacht builders in the Netherlands, took to the sea. With a devoted commitment to designing and building unrivaled motor yachts, we craft unique vessels that uphold the highest possible standards.

Every Zeelander merges form and function seamlessly, delivering yachts with distinct aesthetics. Our creations have been unanimously acclaimed by the yachting press as floating works of art, underscoring our reputation among Netherlands yacht builders.

At Zeelander Yachts, our clientele - seasoned yachtsmen and women, are true connoisseurs of life, recognizing what it takes to create the very best in yachting.

Collaborating with the award-winning designer, Cor D. Rover, Zeelander’s design team continually refines every aspect of our unique yachts. The time and effort invested in the design, development, and build of each Zeelander exceed that of any other yacht in its class, making us a proud part of the esteemed yacht builders in the Netherlands.


In 2017, Zeelander Yachts, a leader among yacht builders in the Netherlands, transitioned to our expansive new yard in Groot-Ammers.

This 2,000 square meter facility, boasting a vast 20,000 square meter waterfront, enables us to meet all customization needs for our Zeelanders.

Our portfolio showcases three distinct models: the new Zeelander 5, Zeelander 6, Zeelander 7 and our latest and biggest model: the Zeelander 8. As testament to our craft, over 50 Zeelander yachts, predominantly in the United States but also globally, are navigating the world's seas, from the Mediterranean to the Pacific.

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