front view of zeelander
Pushing the boundaries
of luxury
It all starts with a dream. A desire for freedom, a longing for tranquillity and a desire to awaken the senses. Serenity, sophistication and sensuality are the three pillars of our philosophy. We carefully craft each vessel in our fleet to push the boundaries of a luxurious experience. The Zeelander soul is the pursuit of perfection, dedicated to the admirers of extraordinary.
Cultivating calm
Life’s most valuable asset is time. Zeelander cultivates an experience that is completely effortless. A tranquil haven where time slows down and calm takes precedence. Our vessels are not only the quietest in their class; every element at Zeelander exists to soothe the soul.
The art of living
Fashion changes, but style endures. Each of our vessels weave the renowned excellence of Dutch craftsmanship with refined taste and unquestionable class. The result is not only a timeless, effortlessly powerful yacht - but a contemporary piece of art. Zeelander is a symbol of sophistication.
Awaken the senses
Every Zeelander yacht is grounded in a desire to awaken the senses. To feel alive and be present. To let go of inhibition and be free. Embodied in our signature curved lines, each moment on board invites sensuality. Every Zeelander experience empowers intimate, authentic connections.
For admirers of the extraordinary
Zeelander builds yachts that reflect the personality of its owners. Get in touch to learn more and start your Zeelander journey.
Our latest models