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Zeelander Yachts was founded in 2002 in the Netherlands by Sietse Koopmans. This tireless entrepreneur and inveterate sailor had decided to create a sports cruiser design driven by boating experience alone. The yachts he had in mind would redefine the edge in cutting, using the highest quality materials inside and out.

The boat had to be composed of curved surfaces so that, regardless of which angle the sun shined on the hull, you’d see something new and inviting. A Zeelander yacht is a timeless icon for individuals who are prepared to invest in the very, very best.


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The first model was unveiled to the public in 2008. The launch model Z44 received positive critique at the Monaco Yacht Show and drew enormous crowds despite being at an event dominated by much larger yachts.

In the years that followed, more than thirty Z44’s were sold, bucking the trend at a time of economic recession. Owners consistently praised their Zeelanders for being a piece of art, while totally immersing themselves in the quiet and super-comfortable ride.

Within three years the Z44 had been successfully introduced to the US as well as Europe. After the commercial success of the Z44, it was an obvious direction for Zeelander to add a larger model to the fleet. The first Z55 was delivered in November 2015 and the Z72 was launched in March 2019.


A list of ambitious characteristics were incorporated into the prototype, such as phenomenal seakeeping, industry-low noise and vibrations levels, minimal maintenance, low cost of ownership and easy handling. All this and more was to be part of a boat constructed with premium quality materials and a superior finish.

Together with the award-winning designer Cor D. Rover, the Zeelander team pushed the boundaries of yacht design through innovative and revolutionary engineering. Nothing was left to chance as they worked on combining a fantastic performance with the smoothest ride, the finest luxuries with the best possible equipment – and all this in an aesthetic jacket that would instantly capture everyone’s hearts.


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