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Zeelander Z55

Zeelander is famous for creating the maximum owners comfort in their yachts, one of which is the 360° panoramic vision from the wheel house, which is unique in this class. The narrow window frames, the double curved glass, 10 large screens and a full opening aft glass wall gives an exceptional view. Zeelander gives an owner the experience of being on the water and in touch with all the elements without being disturbed by engine or generator noise. No other boat builder is capable of bringing the sound level down to the minimum as Zeelander has done.

The ingenious design of the hull, thoroughly tested by the best designers and engineers, results in the best hull one can buy. Even in rough weather and deep seas the owner will be in total control and able to drive his boat safely, fast and comfortable. All Zeelanders yachts are built with the finest, maintenance free materials. Wood finish look that do not deteriorate. Decking that can be cleaned with pressure washer. The well-engineered boats with combined features like joystick steering, dynamic positioning, automatic trim, cruise control, stabilizer and on-demand information makes boating as easy as driving your car.