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Zeelander welcomes Volvo Ocean Race winner

Some call it the toughest race on the planet. After 45,000 nautical miles and 9 months at sea, the 7 ships finally finished the race in our home country the Netherlands . An exhilarating race up to the very end. Congratulations to team Dongfeng on their spectacular win!

“We headed out with 2 Zeelander Z44’s to the Dongfeng ship as they were leading the race. We arrived there first, having a truly one of a kind – private view of the ship for a good half hour. Soon, the sea turned into one giant white mass of prop wash as about 75 ships joined us side by side on our way to the finish.”

It is an honor to be able to host such a wonderful event in the Netherlands and an even bigger honor for Zeelander to be asked to be a spectator boat for the Volvo Ocean Race organisation. To catch a glimpse of what it was like you can view the pictures below.