Zeelander luxury yachts

Z44 - high end luxury

Exuding class and elegance with her smooth curves and classic lines, the Z44 also offers unparalleled ease of operation and functionality. Every aspect is finished to perfection yet very functional and simple to work with.
Comfort, style, sophistication, performance… In every aspect, Zeelander Yachts are at the premium end of the size range in which we operate. The standard of finish is way beyond anything else available and requires a remarkable number of man-hours. From the oval-shaped stainless steel details to the immaculate joinery and extraordinary curved glass, our yachts embody an unrivalled attention to detail.


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Z55 - make your mark

It was an obvious direction for Zeelander Yachts to develop a larger model that would accentuate the very best elements of the Z44. Being 27 per cent longer than its smaller sibling equates into twice as much volume, offering owners more space in which to enjoy that unsurpassed Zeelander feel.

This is not mass production! This is low-volume, high-quality perfection, handmade in the Netherlands. Are you ready and able to invest what it takes to own the finest motor yacht?

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Z66 - Coming soon

To learn more about the Z66 before it’s launch, please contact us.

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