It´s all about you

Welcome to the virtual marina of Zeelander Yachts. Established in Holland in 2002, we create high-end motor yachts that marry form and function to perfection and perform to the highest possible standard. Every Zeelander is a piece of art on the water, created for connoisseurs of life who understand what it takes to create the very best and are prepared to invest in their own pleasure.

To keep our promise – ‘It’s all about you’ – we have introduced an extensive and second to none interior customizing program, so you can choose the level of customizing of your Zeelander interior yourself.

Your wishes

The Zeelander fleet comprises well over 30 yachts, all built for individual characters with very distinctive wishes. John Tolleson, who has now owned two Zeelanders, captures the feeling well: ‘I have to have one’ was his instant reaction upon first spotting a Z44 – precisely the impression we set out to have on people. Watch Mr. Tolleson explain more here.

Another testimony to the unique Zeelander appeal is how reluctant clients are to sell their boat once they’ve experienced the fabulous comfort and style, the quiet drive, the 360° views and all the other features that make a Zeelander so special. Spend time on a Z44 or a Z55 and you’ll instantly know why.

Create your own style

Zeelander owners are true individualists, people who know exactly what they require and how that should be achieved. We aim to satisfy them in every way, from quality to design from comfort to user-friendliness.

The options for customizing interiors go far beyond the norm as we make our ‘it’s all about you’ motto come to life.

Renowned for offering a unique proposition to the market – perfectionist levels of construction, design, engineering and finishing on boats that can be categorized as super yachts in all but their length. Zeelander offers an extremely high level of customization, which is why we can say with complete confidence that no two Zeelanders are alike.