Customizing Interiors

Unique taste

The majority of Zeelander clients are people who could afford to buy a superyacht (i.e. a boat over 24 meters) but prefer the hands-on convenience of a boat they can drive themselves. At the same time, these wealthy men and women have unique tastes and expect to be able to customize the look & feel of their interior accordingly.

As the Zeelander fleet has grown in status and numbers, the wishes of the ladies have become an increasingly important focal point for our company. We know this is a little stereotypical but most men mainly busy themselves with speed, power and the on-board gadgets and equipment. In our experience, women play the biggest role in deciding the interior style and take great pleasure in making it their own.

How we build your interior

Our professional and experienced design teams will provide an interior that is both luxurious and practical. The highest level of craftsmanship is achieved at every level by the endless testing and honing of each area. Every piece of furniture is individually crafted and veneered before the final application of lacquer.

And then we go further. As a Zeelander owner you can choose between three different levels of interior that reflect your specific requirements and preferences: